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Adopt Me!



Meet Edna:

Miss Edna came to the Pug Queen from Mexico. We estimate she is about 8 years old.  She has a lot of pep in her step and gets very excited to go outside or take a car ride.  Edna is also perfectly happy lounging on the couch all day.  She is an expert sleeper!  Edna is a very smart girl and will immediately sit for food and treats. We think she would learn a doggy door very easily.  For now, she uses potty pads when necessary if her foster is at work. When supervised she goes potty outside with no issues. 


She loves people and is not afraid to seek out cuddles and give kisses.  She does not really enjoy being left alone, so she would probably do best with another dog to keep her company, or with someone who works from home.  She has handled trips to the groomer like a pro.


Edna is the absolute sweetest, most easygoing and loving girl and somebody is going to be very lucky to adopt her.   

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