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Meet Evelyn:

Meet Evelyn 🪷

Evelyn is a very special little girl who began her life in Mexico. We know very little about what happened there, but she came on the Pug Queen’s radar as a little pug who was utterly neglected and very ill.


Evelyn was transported to Los Angeles. She arrived dirty, underweight and with her stomach totally distended because of a hernia that had been ignored for s long time. Immediate surgery was scheduled and Evelyn was soon bouncing back to being a healthy pug.


This little girl is a compact 15 pounds. She is approximately 6 years old. Evelyn loves walks and behaves really well on her leash. We just discovered that she loves playing with small balls and will chase after them endlessly, so someone played with her at an earlier stage in her life. 


We can’t wait for this little girl to find a home where she will be really be loved and given the attention she craves. Evelyn is quite independent. In her foster home, she started off being very defensive because she had come from the streets in Mexico where she had to fight snd scrap to survive. Now she is much, much calmer and has started to realize that she will be fed and get little treats and snacks every single day! She loves this new part of her life. 


Is Evelyn tugging at your heart?


If you are interested in Evelyn, please complete an adoption application. And please don't forget the home video. Tell us a little about yourself and show us where you plan to keep her, where she will sleep, etc. Will you be my forever human? I hope so!

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