Adopt Me!



Meet Jax:

It is so rarely that we get a pug that is healthy, neutered, current on all shots and picture perfect to boot! We'd like you meet Jax. He was born in June 2020 and since then he has played hopscotch with a few different homes. The next home has to be perfect, a 100% forever home for him.


Jax is very petite, fully grown, but weighs just 15 pounds. He is FULL of energy! If you have a mellow, sleepy, snuggly pug on your wishlist - Jax is not that pug! He loves going for walks, playing chase in the yard and has done really well socializing with the other pugs in his foster home. His favorite thing on the planet are his chewies. He's a big toy boy and will chase around the house with his favorite toys. Jax is not a good candidate for multiple hours alone during the day. Being left alone for 8 hours would not work for him.


If you are interested in Jax, please complete an adoption application. And please don't forget the home video. Tell us a little about yourself and show us where you plan to keep Jax, where he will sleep, etc. Will you be my forever human? I hope so!