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Adopt Me!



Meet Jesse:

This little pug came to the Pug Queen from a Central California shelter. He arrived at the shelter with a broken leg on one side and a shattered hip on the other side. There was no indication that he’d been hit with a car because there were no abrasions.


The Pug Queen agreed to take Jesse and he was quickly seen by an amazing surgeon who specializes in canine orthopedic procedures. Jesse had 2 separate surgeries and the great news is that he is now as good as new.


Jesse is approximately a year and a half old. He’s mega petite, less than 14 pounds. During the recovery period after his surgeries, he was totally restricted and confined to a small corral. Jesse handled it like a champ, without barking and crying like most other patients before him! He loves a good bully stick and will happily chomp on it for hours. 


Jesse has now started going for walks and he loves that. He is walking really well. He’s currently being fostered with other pugs and is a bit indifferent to them. He is much more focused on the people in the mix. Jesse is an affectionate, active little package and is so eager to find a home where he will be cherished and spoiled rotten. 💚


If you are interested in Jesse, please complete an adoption application. And please don't forget the home video. Tell us a little about yourself and show us where you plan to keep him, where he will sleep, etc. Will you be my forever human? I hope so!

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