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Adopt Me!



Meet Joey:

Joey showed up on a social media post from Mexico. The picture showed a truly petite little pug that was thin, had mange and absolutely no fur. He was 100% bald. The Pug Queen organized a web of support and he went from the streets in TJ to a vet there. Within 10 days he was transferred to a foster home in Los Angeles County.

Joey is a super resilient little pug. He got through the medication required to fight the mange and tick borne diseases. He is now very much healed and is growing plenty of plush fur. 

Joey is approximately 10 months old, definitely less than a year. He is very energetic and loves to run and play. He loves snuggling with other dogs and can be found smushed into bed with any other pugs grabbing a nap. He will always be a very small, petite pug and only weighs 12 pounds. Joey is going to be a fantastic addition to a lucky person willing to welcome him to their home. 

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