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Meet Ozzie & Harriet:

We are 11 year-old brother and sister and we are PERFECT according to Rescue Mama TPQ. We are mellow, well behaved, we are potty trained and pretty much a joy to have around at all times. We experienced neglect in our previous home and because TPQ thinks we are such senior perfection and so easy going, TPS is waiting for that PERFECT home to come along.  I Harriet am more independent, I like to relax and walk around the garden. Ozzie pretty much stalks TPQ and follows her everywhere. He is devoted. To me also – he grooms and kisses me everyday and we cannot be without each other. If you work from home or a retired and would like two perfect seniors around to love you and snuggle you and kiss you all the time reach out to TPQ. Twice the love, twice the joy!


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