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Meet Scarlett:

Scarlett is a fabulous 5 month old pug puppy. Unbelievably, she was brought to a Central Vally shelter when only 10 weeks old. Her owner was unwilling or unable to provide her with urgent medical care. The Pug Queen immediately swooped in and got her to an emergency veterinary clinic. Her anal prolapse was successfully treated and Scarlett went to a foster home. 


Here are the words that best describe Scarlett:





Traviesa 🤣

She loves playing and racing around at high speed. In her foster home, Scarlett loves rolling around with pugs that have a similar energy level. Good chews are a favorite and she will happily gnaw away for long periods of time. 


Scarlett is ok being alone for a while but it would not be appropriate to place her in a setting where she would be alone for hours at a time. Her high octane energy is not a hit with some easy going pugs, so if she’s being considered as a companion for another pug, bear that in mind. 


This little pug princess is going to evolve fabulously. She will bring amazing love and fun to a lucky person or family. Her medical issues have been resolved and vets believe that the anal prolapse is unlikely to recur as her body muscles have grown stronger.

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