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Meet Shorty Clementine:

My real name is Clementine but everyone calls me Shorty. I suppose it makes sense because the I have the shortest pug legs in the world. It is true. While everyone thinks they are very cute and I am so cute (it is true) my back legs don’t work so good and I need to have surgery to fix at least one of my legs. It is a luxating patella surgery and costs around $3000 so Rescue Mama TPQ will need to raise money and get it done. I am almost ready for the surgery but she is worried sick. After the surgery I will need a few weeks to recover. I will probably be with the TPQ for that nut if you really really love me and want me to be a part of your family maybe I can recover with you? Let TPQ know. She is a tough nut to crack but she just wants what is best for all of us. Thank you for caring about me.


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