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Adopt Me!

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Meet Spencer:


We’re excited to introduce you to Spencer. This little guy came to us from the California Central Valley. His previous owners left him behind in an empty house when they moved. Thankfully some very kind people found him and built a bridge to the Pug Queen. Now it’s time to spread the word that this affectionate little pug is ready for adoption.


Spencer is perfect pug package. Here’s a typical day. He eagerly greets the day, goes outside to pee and then rushes to the kitchen. After breakfast he takes a little nap and quietly plans his next moves. The moment he sees any sign of his human carer prepping for a walk, the excitement quickly mounts! He loves his walks and behaves very well.


Sometimes pugs who have never had toys just don’t “get” the toy thing. Spencer is a total toy boy! He gets so excited and loves running around with toys in his mouth. Bully sticks are a big hit in his world too.


For reasons that humans don’t understand, other pugs really like Spencer’s company. He does not get into other dog’s beds, but they frequently come and smush in beside him. He’s quite ok with this and it’s fun to discover the Spencer combo of the day.


Our vet estimates that Spencer is in the 7 - 8 age range. He’s been neutered, had his teeth cleaned, microchipped and is 100% ready for a loving home. In many parts of life, those with the “young and beautiful” label get all the attention. Spencer is really active and has lots of thread left on his tires! This funny, affectionate little pug is so ready for someone who will truly love him. Might that person be you? Please check out his video and share Spencer.

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