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Meet Winston:

The first part of Winston’s life began in Mexico. We know very little except that pictures started arriving to the Pug Queen showing a little pug in Mexicali who was starving, and had a broken leg that was completely crooked . It looked like he was in grave danger. He was outdoors in pouring rain, totally neglected and his life was clearly at risk. Everyone held their breath while the logistics of getting him quickly were figured out. 


Winston was transported to Los Angeles on February 2, 2023. It became clear that he had been starved and his body told the story of utter neglect  via cuts, bruises, ticks and a seriously broken front leg. But little Winston immediately showed that he had a beautiful, strong forgiving heart. With nutritious food and access to skilled vets, his body began to heal. His personality began to shine through, and he emerged a beautiful, spunky little pug, with few traces of his previous life. 


Winston is approximately 8 years old. He enjoys life to the full. He adores walks, loves chews and gets along well with other dogs. Winston is low key to the max and refuses to engage in pug drama if harassed by others. He looks so healthy now and is totally ready to start the next phase of his life in a home where he will be loved to the max. The first chapter of Winton’s life was harsh and cruel. But we are 100% that the next part will be full of love and all the pug treats he deserves 💚  Winston is ready!

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application. And please don't forget the home video. Tell us a little about yourself and show us where you plan to keep your chosen pug, where they will sleep, etc. Will you be my forever human? I hope so!

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