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This foundation's rescue mission was born out of pure PUG LOVE. My name is Izabella St. James, I am a pug mom, a long time pug rescue volunteer, a foster mom, and a pug rescuer. I love this breed and my heart cannot rest knowing that so many pugs are out there suffering - lonely, cold or overheated in backyards, being bred over and over again by backyard breeders, starving, sick and without any care, neglected by owners, abused, sold to the dog meat trade in Asia, spending their whole lives in cages in puppy mills, dumped in kill shelters across this country, and more. This breed is the most loyal, loving, funny, affectionate breed, the essence of their existence is to be with their human - to love and to be loved. I will fight for the rest of my life to save the suffering pugs from wherever they are located, so that they too have a second CHANCE at life. One person CAN make a difference. You can ADOPT a pug that needs you. You can FOSTER and help me save another life if you can’t adopt. You can DONATE because without your donation none of this is possible - your donation literally saves a pug from misery. One person can make a difference. The saying goes “you can’t change the world by saving one pug, but you can change the world for that pug,” but I believe you can do both. I think we can make the world a better place by saving one pug at a time. Spreading the wave of compassion. Please join me on this mission!

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