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Meet Bella:

Meet Bella 🪷

As always, we struggle to to understand how a beautiful little pug princess ends up on the streets, alone. Bella was found wandering around a school building, all alone. Luckily for her, very caring people who were pug parents saw her and took her into their home. They created posters and flyers, contacted animal control, but days passed and nobody came looking for Bella. And so she was transferred over to the Pug Queen’s world. 


Bella is a sweet two - four year old fawn pug. She is learning how to play with toys and live indoors. She enjoys playing with other dogs and all the things that come with living inside a living home. 


She does not know how to use a dog door yet, but she will potty if you take her outside. 


It took her several days to learn, but now she absolutely loves sitting on a lap, receiving affection and sleeping in a bed (preferably a human bed!)


She has been recently vaccinated and dewormed. She is blind in one eye, but that doesn’t slow her down! Like most pugs, she loves to eat and snorts when she is excited and she spends a lot of time chasing her tail!

Bella is SO ready to be adopted. 


If you are interested in Bella, please complete an adoption application. And please don't forget the home video. Tell us a little about yourself and show us where you plan to keep her, where she will sleep, etc. Will you be my forever human? I hope so!

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